RMZ Ecoworld architecture is crafted to inspire, engage, experience and produce. It is designed for long-term positive visual, experiential and psychological impact for people working and visiting, stimulated by a sense of being energetically alive in an atmosphere of newness, freshness and creativity.

RMZ Corp’s philosophy is to develop business parks that are environmentally sustainable and responsive to global concerns and yet address the essential needs of the business community.

The thing that interests me most in this field is how different user groups can not only co-exist, but also actually benefit from sharing the same spaces.I prefer active engagement with the teams to gauge their progress and resolve challenges as effectively as possible, thereby ensuring everything works seamlessly. We focus on the positive aspect in seeing how can we make this delight our users.

For me, the creation of RMZ Ecoworld represents diverse users enjoying the setting in varied capacities: where people can see others working, in business meetings, drinking coffee, making a call, reading, enjoying performances, viewing art, having a reflective moment. All that creates a sense of energy and frisson that animates the space, enriching the user experience and creating a distinctive sense of place.

I spend most of my time in conceptualising, meeting with multiple design consultants, bringing to life the overarching vision through various spaces. The other part of my time goes into meeting prospective clients and investors. From presentations to site visits, it is all about signifying a clear picture to inspire confidence in this incredible project.

I stay on the move constantly with the design team and factor in the required approvals and time to meet with local authorities and government agencies, maintaining factory visits for identification and finalisation of the materials and innovative use of the finishes. Designing the reception area of our campus is a bold celebration of the engineering and design expertise that characterises the building – and a reflection of the aspirations of its occupiers. Within the stunning double and triple height space, sleek high gloss finishes and custom-made furniture, point to an uncompromising attention to detail, and support the very best in customer service, creating an indelible impression on everyone who enters the building. There is a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. All of this being achieved with sustainability consciousness. It is the first of its kind construction of this magnitude. A business park containing the Activ sports club, Marketplace, Art gallery, Bus terminus, etc. opened the doors for innovation to meet these unique requirements. The team and I have spent over 5000 man-hours from the design conception back in May 2011. RMZ Ecoworld truly captures grandeur in its vision and I take immense pride in being able to bring it to fruition. My team makes all the difference from their valued inputs to personal initiatives and this is how we have achieved so much. It is a remarkable journey that I continue to cherish and I am thrilled to be a part of it. RMZ Ecoworld is drawing on a great tradition to create a new core where people can come to connect and share ideas.