RMZ Ecoworld is at the confluence of convenience, connections and growth. It is situated in south-east Bangalore, on the outer ring road. An easily accessible and well-connected site in an area zoned for technology parks in Bangalore master plan.

The Micro-market - Outer Ring Road

Outer Ring Road is the hotspot IT corridor in South East Bangalore which is in a stage of fast development business wise, infrastructure wise, and from a social perspective. The area is a hub for global and domestic IT offices and that attracts a drove of knowledge workers who are educated, exposed and well off. Their professional, recreational and individual demands are rapidly changing the social landscape of this area.

ORR now has malls, shopping complexes, multiplexes, fine-dine restaurants and clubs to cater to the needs of professionals and their families. To support the world-class businesses and offices and IT Parks, international hotel chains have their properties here. Sensing the demand, speciality hospitals and medical facilities have come up in recent times. And naturally education, which is a key requirement for population to settle down, is served here by quality institutes of domestic and international repute. To bind all these elements and make them accessible, the infrastructure for commute is getting better and better. ORR is the new and shining face of Bangalore, the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, a city already identified with pace, innovation, globalization and brain-power.


The proposed Metro will have a station close to RMZ Ecoworld that will provide congestion-free rapid transport access to the Business Park from all parts of the city.


The well connected BIAL airport which offers domestic and international flights, is just about 65 minutes away from RMZ Ecoworld.(Approximately 50 Kms)

The Bus Bay

At RMZ Ecoworld the chartered services are offered to its tenants to ease the commuting concerns in the bustling traffic conditions. The bus bay is located at Campus 7 with dedicated space in its basement to station the buses. Also the ORR Bus Terminal within 3 Kms.


Premium International Schools and Educational Institutes nearby within a 5 kms radius.


One of the most reputed hospitals of Bangalore like Sakra World Hospital is located in less than a km away. RMZ Ecoworld also includes the Modern Family Doctor in its service offering along with a pharmacy.


International hotels like Ibis and Novetel are located close by and offer quality service and state of the art facilities that cater to the need of both leisure and business travelers.



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