My job is to deliver RMZ Ecoworld on time, to the spec to the budget and ensure all who work on the project return safely to their home every day. Simple isn’t it? My day starts with a long drive along Outer Ring Road to the RMZ Ecoworld project thinking all along.

My day starts with a long drive along Outer Ring Road to the RMZ Ecoworld project thinking all along. This allows me to get a quick start once I arrive at the site. This project has been as impressive in its challenges as it is in its grandeur. I find the buzz about the project to be more overwhelming and inspiring to know that it sought after by the most prominent of companies and investors.

We have developed an excellent team who are empowered to manage day-to-day activities and issues, this gives me enough time to strategize ahead and view the project from a different perspective spending no more than 30% of my time on site. During the initial phase of the project, it is all about liaising with the internal team, architects & consultants to address the design issues, construction methodology, value engineering and other areas. However, as the project got into a partial operational mode, the focus shifted to visitors, tenants and future tenants, partners, investors, bankers and peers in the industry. This gives me an opportunity to interact with various groups of people, gain insights and acknowledge feedback giving us scope to address even the smallest of detail, which translates to enhancing the experience for our clients. It has been a fantastic learning experience for me working on something as complex and challenging as this. We all know when we are in a building or space that feels good and when we are not, I’m interested in all the factors that feed into that response; the fundamental quality of a space, the ease of moving around it, the accessibility of certain areas, the light, the air quality, as well as the internal amenities and finishes. One of the many amazing things about RMZ Ecoworld is that when you are in the outside space, you are actually participating in the building.

RMZ Ecoworld attracts a huge volume of visitors from Fortune 500 clients. This is one of the most attractive projects for me for a number of reasons. The complexity of the project was a challenge, which meant I could apply and develop the skills I had amassed over the years. It is clearly an iconic project, an incredible learning curve for us.

Often people don’t realise how much goes behind the scenes. With each new day comes new challenges but also new strengths through a brilliant team ready to take on anything. Drawing together a really strong team with the right blend of skills was crucial for the efficient management of a project of this magnitude. To create the most impact we believe in going beyond the established norms that qualify as empowerment. A big part of my profile is on the education side, imparting knowledge to the team gained through the project development. I am thoroughly delighted by how well my team and I converted theory into reality. It was amazing to see all the things we had planned – the modularisation and the logistics. It is hard to think of anywhere else in the city where you can engage with a building with no barriers. I am most proud of bringing it to completion, I think will all be looking back on this iconic project for the rest of our lives.